The temperatures, they are soaring! Dressing yourself, especially for meetings and formal occasions can be a tedious rigmarole. For summers, choosing the right fabrics is the key to keep you looking composed and cool.

Go for breathable fabrics that allow moisture to move in an out through the fabric. The following blends are your wardrobe essentials for summers and here’s why:


cotton and wool


#1.  Cotton & Wool 

Wool lets air to move around freely and is an insulator. Drape yourself in these fabrics and make a lasting impression.


Line up those Linen-Wool


#2. Line up those Linen-Wool Blends
These blends allow for comfort whether at office or at a casual brunch with friends.


Stand out


#3. Stand out with the right blends
Wool with cotton/linen blends bring a soft, light weight & natural feel. These blends are perfect for all-seasons. So whether it’s for leisure or business, they make for a versatile summer suit.  Summery wool blends (specially with linen) stand out and make for an all-season stylish look.
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