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Summer Styling with OCM, #theboldway: Your Summer Style Essentials

It’s often asked by men, How can you dress in proper formals when it’s 40 degrees outside? The popular belief is that the sophistication that comes from ‘layering’ during winters is lost over summers. Fret not though; here are OCM’s tips to help you look sharp during summer!

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Tip #1: Light Tones, Sharp Looks

Look for light colours! Earthy tones like mustard, toasted almond, olive, beige, blue and grey work really well during summers. Light colours absorb less heat and are perfect for hot summer days, out in the Sun. A smoke-grey suit paired with white shirt will make you feel comfortable during the day and make you look sharp too!


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Tip #2: Choose your Fabric Wisely

In summers, the right fabric makes all the difference. If you have the right fabric, half your work is done. The fabric needs to be breathable and supple; which is why the fluidity of woolen blends, like the ones OCM offers make them perfect for any season. When making bespoke suits in summers, look for woollen-linen blends. They are the latest in style.


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Tip #3: Sharpen your look with Accessories

To look sharp, if you are wearing light and simple colours on your formals, pair it with a couple of bold accessories like a silk tie and a pocket square. And of course, cool off your eyes with a pair of suitable sunglasses that match your style quotient. However, the aviators are in style always!

So, this summer, don’t let the hot weather prevent you from styling yourself #theboldway. Get started by picking some of the readymade daily-wear jackets, shirts and trousers from OCM Bold Collection. Or, choose from OCM Style Series high-quality fabrics with the perfect balance of wool & linen for your sharp look.


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