Although seldom recognized, appearance is performance. A great ensemble makes you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

Rest assured, we’ve come a long way from the 80s, where ‘power dressing’ meant tight shoulder pads and pin striped suits. With the advent of new-age dressing, people are more educated and more fashion forward.

The men of today want something that reflects their own style. Their own personality. And therefore their own unique way of putting together the ensemble. So here comes a casual-formal mix, where we see hoodies paired with suits, or even jackets paired with ripped jeans and sneakers!




There are ofcourse a few essentials to play the part. So, here are the top tips for power dressing:

  • Tip 1

There’s nothing that resonates more with power than a business jacket. A great navy jacket in a solid colour or with pinstripes makes for a great impression.

Understanding where to wear it and what to team it up with is equally important.

Wear it over a powder blue shirt, black trousers and brogues to office; or wear it over a t-shirt and add a pocket square to up that charm for a lunch with friends.

  • Tip 2

Who says power dressing is only for the board room? Don’t you want to be noticed more in a club? Find a dress shirt that represents you – something that’s unique. Look for different contrasts, unusual colours and different collars. Maroons, wines and beiges are a great option for this season.

  • Tip 3

Accessorize right. Don’t be too overbearing with the accessories – team them up for the kind of occasion they rightfully befit. For example, when wearing a jacket – bring back the vintage – carry a pen and briefcase to a formal meeting; or wear loafers and a quirky tie for a brunch with friends.

  • Tip 4

Personal grooming is key. Make sure your hair isn’t unkempt and your nails are short and filed. It’s really the little things that make a difference.

  • Tip 5

In its essence, power dressing is a matter of pride – and of style. Its something that can’t be borrowed but stems from within.


The best tip to really rock this is confidence.

A garment just boosts that confidence. But at the end of the day, it boils down to you.

There you have it – some basic power dressing tips. There are always variations on this & some people who spin it on its head and others who perfect the art.

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