The temperatures, they are soaring! Dressing yourself, especially for meetings and formal occasions can be a tedious rigmarole. For summers, choosing the right fabrics is the key to keep you looking composed and cool.

Go for breathable fabrics that allow moisture to move in an out through the fabric.

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Summer Styling with OCM, #theboldway: Your Summer Style Essentials

It’s often asked by men, How can you dress in proper formals when it’s 40 degrees outside? The popular belief is that the sophistication that comes from ‘layering’ during winters is lost over summers. Fret not though; here are OCM’s tips to help you look sharp during summer!


New Year is expected to help you turn a new leaf and present the new you to the world. Helping you on your quest to stay ahead of the fashion curve is Team Suit Surge! We have handpicked top 5 trends for 2016 from across the world to provide you great choices in the coming year.